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Pressure Washers

Choosing the right washer for the job is essential. We can help you decide on the right unit.


Sewer jetters, also known as “hydro-jetters” or “water jetters”, are powerful drain  cleaning machines.

Steam Cleaners

Steam cleaners clean without the use of harsh chemicals— from car exteriors to sealed hardwood floors.

Part & Supplies

We stock most common parts. If the part you need isn’t on our shelf we can typically get it here in 2 days.


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Pressure washers

Choosing the Right Pressure Washer

The first step for selecting a pressure washer is understanding what the most important terms mean and how to compare them. Then, you can determine which pressure washer grade is right for you.

Pounds per Square Inch (PSI) & Gallons Per Minute (GPM)

Water pressure is measured in PSI. The PSI rating is basically how much pressure is coming out at the tip higher pressure makes stain removal easier. The stronger the chemical bond – the more pressure you’ll need to remove it. 

Water flow is measured in GPM. The higher the GPM, the more surface area a pressure washer can clean in a minute. If Washer A has a 2GPM rating and Washer B has a 4GPM rating, Washer B will clean twice as quickly because it uses 2x as much water every minute for cleaning.

Water Temperature

When you get into the professional units, you have options for using hot or warm water, which can make a world of difference depending on the material you’re cleaning. There’s no shortage of uses for hot-water pressure washers. Using unheated water is standard across all pressure washers, but only some professional units are built for and capable of handling hot water.



Typical breakdown for pressure washing –

Consumer 500-4000psi / 2-4gpm / cold water

Semi-Pro 1000-4000psi /2-5gpm / cold water

Professional 1000-7000psi / 4-7gpm /cold or hot water


Why Choose a Jetter

When deciding how to clean a drain line, a water jetter can be an outstanding option as a simple yet effective way to thoroughly remove a clog. Jetters particularly excel at removing grease and soft blockages. The addition of a powerful nozzle can also help cut through roots quickly when cleaning out a root-infested line. Simplicity of use, safety, and efficiency of cleaning are the main reasons many plumbers and drain cleaning professionals are turning to hydro-jetting as the tool of choice.

Choosing the Right Jetter

Sewer jetters can be truck mounted and may carry up to 1,500 gallons of water for large sewer cleaning jobs, or they can be mounted on a trailer and pulled by a large van or small truck. Smaller water jetters can be mounted on a cart for light residential and commercial applications.

Selecting the best type of jetter for a job depends on several factors, primarily the type and size of the line being cleaned. Options include:  

  • Electric-Powered Jetters
    Electric-powered jetters can be operated without ventilation and are generally lightweight. However, using electric power limits the amount of pressure you can generate, making these units best for smaller lines and ideal for sink and tub drains.
  • Portable Gas-Powered Jetters
    The portable gas-powered jetter can operate at high psi and flow rates, but the tradeoff for the added power is that they are heavier and must be operated outdoors because of the exhaust. However, since many drains are accessed from inside a building, detachable hose reels and remotes allow for gas-powered jetters to be kept outside while working on a line indoors. They are ideal for commercial and industrial applications.  
  • Trailer/Rack-Mounted Jetters
    A trailer- or rack-mounted jetter can be used on a wide range of lines at high pressures and high flow rates. They are ideal for mainline city sewer drains. This type of jetter requires water reservoirs as a buffer against outpacing the water supply that can be found on the job site.
How Jetters Work

A high pressure sewer jetter consists of a pump, a motor or engine, a hose reel, a given length of hose and a various assortment of nozzles. Portable water sources may include one or more water tanks.  Ideally, a sewer pipe is cleaned from the lower end of the pipe and the hose propels itself to the higher end of the pipe. By slowly withdrawing the jet hose, the water pressure and flow cleans the line most effectively. When it is impossible to clean from the lower end of the pipe, the pipe must be water jetted several times to remove all the debris. A skilled operator can effectively clean a drain/sewer regardless of the obstacles in their way

Steam Cleaners

Optima Steamer

Steamericas offers various Optima Steamer models to suit almost any cleaning and sanitizing need. From mobile car wash, or equipment and commercial cleaning, to beverage and food service sanitization, our steamers can help your business run smarter and grow faster.

Steam Clean Cars

Conventional methods of cleaning a vehicle such as pressure washing or hand washing push dirt into the clear coat and paint. Steamericas method utilizes vapor-steam technology. We recommend a unique washing method that will ultimately save you time, energy and money.

Advantages of Steam
  • Consume a fraction of water to do the same job
  • No waste water, run-off or overspray
  • Can clean sensitive surfaces and instruments
  • Clean hard to reach areas
  • Chemical-free sanitation and deodorization
  • Remove stains, grease, bacteria, mold, yeast and fungi
  • Clean anywhere, bypass Clean Water Act
  • Versatile applications, offer more services
  • Differentiate your service by offering eco-friendly cleaning

Parts & Supplies

Many Vendors

We have capability to order direct from Cat Pumps, AR North America, General Pumps, Giant Pumps, Comet Pumps and can get many other pumps and parts.

Optima Parts

We stock most of the smaller items to be able to repair your steamer quickly, there are still many parts that we unfortunately do not stock, but we can get them from our vendor in CA within 3 days.  There are also many that would have to come direct from the factory and that would be depending on the availability of stock

See Our Catalog

We have a couple links to a catalog that contains 98 pages of Pressure Washing supplies – check it out and see if there is something you need.

Browse our catalog to find the part you need. Don’t see it? Give us a call! 480.539.1122

Custom Builds


We have a Jetter that is custom built to our specifications, the base model is equipped with a 35HP Vanguard engine, 12 GPM/3000 PSI pump, tool box mounted to frame, 200 gallon water tank on a single axle trailer.  Upgradeable to meet your needs whether you want to have just 3/8 inch jetter hose or 1/2 in, 3/8 and 1/4 inch hoses – come by and see it!!

We carry the best steamer on the market today – Steam Americas Optima Steamer, a diesel-powered steamer, the XD is ideal for mobile applications such as auto detailing, recreational equipment or sculpture cleaning and disaster recovery.
And the newest addition to the line is the Contigo Pro Detailers steamer. This steamer comes with a wet vac, and all the attachments you need for detailing vehicles or sanitizing restrooms, cleaning Tile grout, and more!!
Pressure Washers

We have several cold water pressure washers in stock on the showroom floor ranging from 1500 PSI Electric to 4000 PSI Gas, Skid units that can be mounted on a trailer or in a truck bed.  Come see us to get a consultation!!

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On new pressure washers, all non-wear components are warranted by us for a minimum of one year. Certain pressure washer components will have warranties that extend up to seven years. For example, commercial pressure washer engines may be two years.

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